QIAGEN Introduces TissueLyser III and RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit for Enhanced Sample Processing and RNA Isolation

16 November 2023 | Thursday | News

TissueLyser III bead mill instrument can be used to effectively disrupt samples such as bones, as well as animal and plant tissue to enable access to nucleic acids // TissueLyser III enhances QIAGEN portfolio for high-throughput sample preparation // RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit compatible with TissueLyser III, utilizes advanced Inhibitor Removal Technology for challenging soil samples as part of a streamlined workflow
Image Source | Public Domain

Image Source | Public Domain

QIAGEN announced the expansion of its sample technologies portfolio with the introduction of two new products aimed at supporting researchers in managing diverse materials such as bone, tissue and soil samples: 


  • The TissueLyser III, a high-throughput instrument for enhanced and versatile disruption of a range of biological samples containing nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).
  • The RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit, designed for isolating high-purity RNA from challenging soil samples rich in PCR inhibitors using QIAGEN’s advanced Inhibitor Removal Technology. 

“The introduction of the TissueLyser III and the RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit are further milestones in QIAGEN continuing to enhance our best-in-class sample technologies portfolio. These two products are designed to better serve the unique needs of researchers working with difficult samples and enable a higher level of efficiency and accuracy in their work,” said Nitin Sood, Senior Vice President and Head of the Life Sciences Business Area at QIAGEN.

The TissueLyser III is a well-suited choice for laboratories seeking efficient sample disruption and high‑quality DNA and RNA purification, even from difficult-to-lyse samples such as bones or tissues. It ensures representative and reproducible results across various research fields, including microbiome, environmental and human biomedical research, forensic analysis and cancer research.

Building on the trusted technology of its prior-generation instrument, which has been cited in over 14,000 scientific publications, the TissueLyser III offers enhanced capabilities for efficient sample disruption – a critical aspect of nucleic acid purification procedures. It provides a convenient, secure process for up to 192 samples as well as large samples of up to 50 mL [1]. Featuring a touchscreen and rotary knob, the TissueLyser III ensures ease of use through seven pre-programmed, as well as five customizable protocols and program cycles.

The TissueLyser III can be used to disrupt biological samples – such as animal and plant tissues, bacteria and yeast – through high-speed shaking in tubes or 96-well plates with stainless zirconium, ceramic, stainless steel or glass beads.

The launch of TissueLyser III demonstrates QIAGEN’s steadfast commitment to consistently enhancing its automated solutions for sample preparation and analysis. It complements the QIAGEN portfolio of high-throughput instruments, which include QIAcube HT, QIAxcel Connect and QIAsymphony.

The TissueLyser III is compatible with many QIAGEN kits – including the new RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit. This kit is specifically designed for challenging soil samples, particularly those rich in PCR inhibitors such as compost, sediment, and manure. Equipped with larger 50 mL bead-beating tubes, it can handle soil samples of up to 15 grams.

Using QIAGEN’s advanced patent-pending Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) and efficient bead beating and lysis chemistry, the kit delivers high-yield, high-purity RNA ready for downstream applications such as real-time quantitative RT-PCR, digital PCR and next-generation sequencing. Compared to its predecessor, the RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit, the streamlined workflow of the new kit reduces processing time by 60%, enabling faster discoveries and advancements in the understanding of microbial ecosystems.

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