ABC Medical Introduces Groundbreaking Behavioral Health Treatment Program

20 November 2023 | Monday | News

Massachusettsans impacted by the nation’s mental health crisis often struggle to find quality behavioral healthcare – experiencing difficulties with waitlists, disconnected services, and poor treatment continuity.
Image Source | Public Domain

Image Source | Public Domain

ABC Medical, a behavioral healthcare start-up, headquartered in Reading, Massachusetts, wants to offer an alternative – a comprehensive treatment program for those experiencing mental illness.

Consumers of behavioral healthcare often find themselves caught at the extremes of the treatment delivery spectrum – dysfunctional academic centers, private cash-based practices, or municipal agencies.

ABC Medical offers an alternative, evidence based, and clinical informatics informed system aimed at offering the full spectrum of outpatient services for those seeking psychiatric care.

A press release issued by the company this week described their comprehensive behavioral health treatment service.  The idea, they say, is to achieve superior treatment outcomes by offering services in a comprehensive, wholistic and evidenced based manner.

A report published in Permanente Journal assessed behavioral health systems.  The report authored by Mason Turner, MD, of The Permanente Medical Group, and referenced in the ABC Medical press release, revealed substantial deficits in contemporary outpatient behavioral health services.  In that study Turner noted “the dominant model of mental health care do not adequately address the complex challenges of mental illness” and that an Integrative approach was shown in their report to reduce adverse health outcome and improve client satisfaction.

In their company release, ABC Medical endorsed such a notion.  “Having medication management, psychotherapy and other services, including TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, available to the same patient, in the same facility, at the same time, was associated with greater treatment response, lower facility liabilities and improved client satisfaction.”  The company suggested such an approach as a competitive strategy in this medical market.

Their goal, they say, is to bring their unique model of outpatient psychiatric treatment to larger numbers of clients as part of a broader business expansion.

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