Integrated DNA Technologies Reveals Launch of xGen™ Products for Ultima Genomics®

28 September 2023 | Thursday | News

Trusted IDT next generation sequencing solutions are now compatible for Ultima Genomics platforms
Image Source | Public Domain

Image Source | Public Domain

With a mission to accelerate the pace of genomics, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a leading provider of differentiated next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions, announces the availability of xGen NGS products designed exclusively for the Ultima Genomics UG 100™ platform. The suite of new xGen NGS tools comprised of adapters, primers, and universal blockers can support a wide range of applications, including DNA, RNA and methylation sequencing workflows, as well as IDT’s proven hybridization capture chemistry. The products are designed to minimize sequence errors from PCR or sequencing that might impact demultiplexing.

“We are honored that Ultima Genomics has chosen IDT as its trusted partner to develop quality solutions for its revolutionary platform,” said Steve Wowk, Vice President, Business Unit & General Management, NGS at IDT. “With the emergence of new sequencers, IDT is proud to be a first mover in commercializing platform-agnostic solutions that cater to the needs of researchers advancing important genomic discoveries, for the platform of their choosing.”

IDT is the first company to offer the following stocked products for Ultima Genomics platforms:

  • xGen PCR-Free Adapters for Ultima Genomics—full-length adapters for performing WGS, using TA-ligation for incorporating sample indexing during the ligation step of library preparation. Available as single-use plates containing either 16 or 96 indexes, for multiplexing up to 192 samples.
  • xGen Indexing Primers for Ultima Genomics—premixed primers used for sample indexing by PCR. Available as single-use plates containing either 16 or 96 primer pairs, for multiplexing up to 384 samples.
  • xGen HybCap Adapters for Ultima Genomics—full-length adapters for library construction prior to hybridization capture, using TA-ligation workflows for incorporating sample indexing during the ligation step. Available as single-use plates containing either 16 or 96 indexes, for multiplexing up to 384 samples.
  • xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Ultima Genomics—proprietary blockers designed specifically for the platform’s native adapters, to reduce non-specific adapter interaction during probe hybridization and increase on-target capture performance. Available in 16 or 96 reaction sizes.
  • xGen HybCap Lib Amp Primers for Ultima Genomics—premixed PCR primers used to increase yield for sequencing libraries post-hybridization capture. Available in 16 or 96 reaction sizes.

“IDT’s differentiated chemistry and demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality NGS solutions are among the many reasons why we have selected IDT as our partner to enable key NGS applications on Ultima Genomics’ platforms,” said Gilad Almogy, CEO at Ultima Genomics. “Together with IDT, we are pleased to be able to deliver high-quality NGS library preparation kits and adapters to enable our mutual customers and fuel their scientific research.”

IDT is a leader in gene reading, writing, and editing, and delivers innovative, high-performing NGS solutions to enable research and discovery. IDT’s comprehensive xGen NGS offerings feature customization, complexity and scalability that break down barriers for scientists and provide them with confidence in their results.

Ultima Genomics, Inc., a developer of a revolutionary new ultra-high throughput sequencing architecture, is also a member of the IDT Collab Network, a program aimed at uniting researchers and industry partners under a single, impactful research network to foster learning, collaboration, and future technology development

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